• Urea
  • Sugar ICUSMA 45
  • Portland Cement 42.5
    Iron Ore 64.5%
  • Steam Coal

We would like to introduce ourselves as facilitators of basic
commodities. We specialize in international commodity consulting 
and working directly with buyers and suppliers from all over the world. 
We understand how imperative it is to have a dependable partner in 
business, who will recognize your needs and meet your 
requirements. Our skilled team will offer you the best quality product 
at best available value. 
The core of our business is trading facilitation services in the 
international market, approaching sellers and buyers of commodities 
through strategic tools of commercial intelligence. Our services are 
performed directly with commodities sellers and preferably directly 
with foreign buyers. 
Our partners and suppliers are from allover the world with some 
being leading provider of agricultural commodities, such as sugar 
cane, ethanol, coffee, corn, soybean, and many others.​

Our Products:

A New Generation of Commodities